Meet Rob Jones

rob spring 2016 2I’m Rob; an online marketer, writer, and content creator and planner for marketing and communications efforts.

My fields of expertise are high-quality content development strategy, coordinated efforts with external vendors and internal personnel, and social media implementation.

More recently, I’ve been responsible for the development of targeted web content in the form of blog posts, infographic planning, and eBook production, optimized for organic SEO. I have authored and edited several blogs, and have managed incoming content from multiple sources to create a unified marketing front that has driven quality traffic in the form of product page views, email sign-ups, and brand awareness.

My Focus

I’ve contributed my expertise to teams of passionate individuals who have the same focus as I do; creating community, cohesion, and trust between companies and customers, resulting in increased marketing reach and sales potential. I have created results that have:

  • raised brand awareness through high-quality content, and social media expertise
  • increased qualified web traffic to content properties year after year. 83% from 2015 to the present.
  • lowered website bounce rates by 6.8%
  • created 19K product views from content assets over 2015
  • created alliances with industry professionals and influencers that has led to a greater corporate profile for my employers

More About Me

I have lived in Toronto, and London England.  I moved to Vancouver British Columbia in 2002.  I am a father, a blogger, and an avid music fan..

I appreciate anyone with a sense of humour.

I need to be surrounded by diversity in both thought and experience.

I believe in equality.

I believe in fostering mutual benefit at all times.

I love a good brainstorming session. It’s the best part of my job.

I believe in the power of community and that the only way an individual can succeed is if they have the support of one.

I believe in the power of great leadership, that leaders should not manage people or control them, but rather should inspire them to be the best version of themselves.

I admire storytellers, and think that worthwhile content can be boiled down to people exchanging stories about what’s important to them.

I appreciate, and celebrate, the company of my friends and family.  I balance that with my need to reflect on my own.